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This site uses cookies and similar technologies to bring you the best experience, faster and safer. In this Policy we explain you what are these technologies, what are they used for (for example, to start a navigation session, to save your preferences, to personalize the diffused contents and to show you the most appropriate advertisements) and by whom. Following we will explain how we and our partners and third parties make use of these technologies. If you want to sign up, please also check our Privacy Policy, including its cookies part at


Cookies are devices that are sent to your browser and are installed in the terminal from where you navigate with the purpose of storing information that could be recovered afterwards. These technologies are essential for the correct functioning, integration, availability and appropriateness of the contents of this Website, and they provide important advantages in the provision of the services, facilitating the navigation and usability. Cookies can’t read information stored in any device. They can’t harm or alter your device either.


Our goal is to improve the Website, to optimize your experience with it and, in general, to know how the Website is accessed and visited. We also collect information so that the advertisements that you see is as relevant to your interest as possible. Accordingly, we collect information for us and for third parties.

For all of it, we use different cookies with different functionalities that we will detail later on.

Which information do we collect with cookies?

To cover the purposes indicated above, we collect event logs where the following data is registered:

  • The browser, the operative system, the device, sometimes the unique identifying of your device and the network that you use to connect to the Internet;
  • The number of times that you access to the Website;
  • The IP address where you access the Website from;
  • The pages that you visited within the Website; and
  • The websites and pages that you have visited before entering the Website.

The information that we collect doesn’t include personal data that allow to identify you directly. There are some data, such as your device or your IP address that could allow to identify you, but we don’t do it, neither we have the means to do it. However, even though we don’t identify you that way, it is possible that with the data we collect, we have specific data about the users that distinguish them from the rest.


We share the information with third parties that help us analyze the collected information, and thus, to achieve the purposes we have with it, to generate statistics, to know usage trends, and to perform improvement and maintenance tasks. This way, we can receive reports individually or by groups. If you authorize us to share your navigation analysis and interest groups with third parties, we will share the information with HeapIntercomOptimizelyGoogle Analytics and Inspectlet.

How do we collect the information?

We collect the information through specific cookies on the Website and our Partner’s and third parties that operate on the net.


Session cookies are necessary for the correct usage of the Website, the uninterrupted navigation remembering options of language or country. They are used to identify the same temporary session of a user or navigation session, measuring in this way, for example, the frequency.


Technical cookies stock generic and anonymous information that doesn’t include personal data, or they collect information that identifies users. Their purpose is to guarantee the functioning of the Website.


These cookies allow to analyze and measure the properties and functionalities of this Website and proceed with its measurement with improvement purposes. The cookies installed are third party cookies.


They are cookies installed by third party; Google TagManager. They collect physical location data. When using a Google service that can register location, it will be possible to collect and process information about real location such as GPS signals sent by a mobile device.


Advertisement cookies have the purpose of improving the user’s navigation experience. They allow to diffuse adequate and relevant advertisements, avoiding that they the same advertisement is continuously showing. They are necessary for the ad servers to be able to know the diffusion frequency of the advertising campaigns. They allow to remember past choices made on the Web offering more personalized options. These cookies are placed sometimes by third party servers or third parties that you can consult on the list to the right.


These cookies have an advertising purpose. They allow to collect information about the user’s navigation through their navigation sessions, showing different advertisements related directly with their interests or previous searches. They are usually cookies that come from programmatic platforms, adexchanges, DSP, SSP, DMP and other technologies of authorized advertising trade.


Some services can use connectors with various social media: Facebook, Twitter or Google+. When using the social registration, you authorize the social media to place cookies. These cookies add the social component to your navigation.


You can access the preferences menu of your browser and configure it so cookies are not installed, to delete the existent ones and/or eliminate them before starting the navigation through other pages of the Website. To configure your cookies preferences, you can follow the indicated steps, depending on the browser that you are using to navigate. We remind you that, if you reject the installation of cookies, the service may be affected and that it may not allow you to make correct use of it partially or completely.


The cookies policy can change depending on legislative modifications, or with the purpose of adapting said policy to the instructions dictated by the Dutch Data Protection Agency, as well as when changes happen in the agreements with third parties that install or use cookies through our Portals.

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